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The Kali Majapahit Online Training Program includes

1. Empty Hands Self Defense

One of the core systems within Kali Majapahit, the empty hands principles are designed to be effective and relevant in realistic scenarios, using various entries and follow ups.


2. Single / Double Sticks Fighting
The trademark of Filipino Martial Arts, stick fighting requires multiple skills detailled in this dedicated section. Students will get to develop strong striking and blocking skills in this module.
3. Kickboxing / Panuntukan
The boxing and kickboxing drills in the KMTV program are built to give strong basics to students and use these basics in more advanced drills and sparring situations.

4. Knife / Karambit Defense & Attacks

The blade work is a traditional feature of the Filipino martial arts. Guro Fred demonstrates various disarm techniques using the knife as well as manipulations with the karambit.

5. Bladed Weapons (Barong/Kris/Kampilan)
Each blade is very specific in the way it is handled and the strategies differ widely. These few instruoductory videos are aimed at giving participants a better idea of the intricate details that make blade work an art form of its own.

6. Health / Nutrition / Breathing / Posture

Fully part of the Kali Majapahit curriculum, healing arts are as important as the fighting aspect. Guro Fred Evrard will share some basic knowledge on popular topics, which students can apply to further improve their skills and overall well-being.



8 more reasons to join KMTV


1. Weekly video updates will be added with new techniques, demonstrated by Guro Fred Evrard. These videos will demonstrate effective techniques with different angles and scenarios for you to fully grasp everything that is being taught.

2. Quality videos are uploaded to provide you with the best quality. All our videos are shot using professional High Definition video cameras.

3. Secure Online Payments provided by Paypal.
4. Fully Refundable Payment within 3 days of purchase and immediate termination possible.

5. Exhange and share directly with Guro Fred Evrard and Kali Majapahit instructors by email where you can seek advise and share your feedback.

6. Be recognized as a student under Kali Majapahit, training under Guro Fred Evrard with the possibility to graduate in the Kali Majapahit system.
7. Additional videos on oriental philosophy, traditional healing, diet and martial arts history.
8. Access to exclusive and never seen before video footage of Guro Fred Evrard and guest instructors in private seminars around the world.










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