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Martial Arts & Self-Defense

If you are ever in a situation where you need to defend yourself and your loved ones, you should be empowered with the knowledge, confidence and experience to do so. Our beginners classes will take you step by step from the most basic self-defense techniques to becoming an efficient martial artist.

The training curriculum that was developed based on teaching thousands of students, is optimised to bring results to everyone. This curriculum covers the many aspects of Kali Majapahit: Single/double sticks, empty hands self-defense as well as boxing/kickboxing and knife defense.

Our beginners curriculum includes:

  • Single/Double Sticks
  • Empty Hands Self-Defense
  • Boxing / Kickboxing
  • Health & Personal Growth

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Kali Majapahit is a celebration that combines the most effective aspects of each martial art into a system that is both efficient for self defense but also that provides the health benefits rooted in ancient martial arts. As founder Punong Guro Fred Evrard puts it: “even if you never have to use your fighting skills to defend yourself, time spent on the mats should benefit your every day to enjoy a fuller, more meaningful and healthier life.”

We have built a strong and supportive community open to all, welcoming those who are keen to benefit from living empowered. We look forward to you starting your journey with us!

Law Enforcement & Tactical Training

The Kali Majapahit law enforcement system is a concept-based close-quarters combat/battle
(CQC/CQB) method that has been integrated by multiple law enforcement and
military professionals around the world. Developed by our experienced trainers, it is
widely regarded as being practical and adapted to law enforcement rules of
engagement dealing with a violent attack.

Training modules provided include :

  • Empty-Hands Defense against non-armed subject
  • Defense against edged weapons (long/short)
  • Defense against long range blunt weapon (stick/baton)
  • Tactical baton as defensive tool 
  • Tactical baton retention
  • Take downs & control against non-compliant subjects
  • Red teaming & scenario training in various environments

Based on our expertise in empty hands, baton and edged-weapons defence and with
a history of over 20 years of teaching martial arts and CQC, we understand that
learning traditional martial arts with complex motor skills is not relevant.

This approach dramatically reduces the amount of material to be learnt by the trainees,
speeds up the effectiveness of knowledge and skills transfer, and helps to give a
better chance of the trainees being able to use the skills in a real life situation.
Therefore, we provide customised, concept based, easy to learn, multi-systems
training and scenarios that enable attendees to be hard-wired with solutions to
various violent encounters.

In addition, our courses are delivered to provide a reality-based experience that can
simulate physical, mental and emotional scenarios within a safe environment.

We have provided our services to the following agencies:

  • Singapore (Singapore Police Force – Security Command, Singapore Customs, Immigrations & Customs Authority, Singapore Prisons Services)
  • Philippines (Philippines National Police, Special Reaction Unit, SWAT)
  • Hong Kong (HK Police VIP Protection Unit – VIPPU)
  • France (Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale – GIGN, Groupe de sécurité de la présidence de la République)
  • Indonesia (Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia)
  • United States of America (Local/Federal Police Units)
  • Corporate/Private Security: Mediacorp Singapore, Johnson & Johnson, DELL Computers, J.P. Morgan Bank, UBS, Amazon Web Services, Subway Restaurants Asia, Raffles Hotel, La Reserve Geneva Hotel…

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