What should my child eat before training?

Since we’ve had the question a few times about what we recommend for children to eat before training, I thought I’d just share quick thoughts.

I encourage your child to eat a small snack such as fruits, bananas, berries, or apples which are excellent choices and are easy to bring around/eat.

Fruits digest easily, so it shouldn’t cause any stomach upset and should keep your child from getting hungry during the class. Of course encourage him/her to drink water rather than juice/sugary drinks.

I would really avoid processed sugary snacks as well (sweets, cakes, pastries etc), as they can lead to an upset stomach. Also, eating processed sugar can cause changes in blood sugar and insulin, which can result in hyperactivity at the peak and then sudden fatigue and poor performance as the body processes it. Raise your hand if you’ve experienced this happening to you or your child before!

Keep it simple, light, wholesome and easy to digest so that your child can enjoy the session in the best conditions.

PS: this is valid for us adults too! 🙂

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