Be a good bad guy! – By Ben Boeglin

Ok, let me clarify what I mean. It’s something we talked about yesterday during our beginners training. I always highlight that when training with a partner, the person feeding becomes the instructor. Not by talking, explaining or correcting (please leave that to your lead instructor and assistant instructors) but by feeding techniques appropriately. Do a sloppy job and your partner can’t work. Go too hard/fast and your partner will never learn, not mentioning that he/she could get injured. When we are in the process of learning and breaking down a technique, we need to learn to be slow, to feed clean techniques. When we work on intensity, we need to feed intensity, to put stress, intention, energy and even emotions for our partner to feel challenged. So next time you become the instructor to your partner, understand the objective of the drill and find that sweet spot where your partner will feel challenged, excited, safe and empowered… (we never said it was gonna be easy)

Check out Guro John Honeyman’s post about this topic as well:

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