Why include martial arts on your resume?

We’ve noticed recently more and more students featuring their martial arts journey in their resume and LinkedIn profiles as part of their skills and qualifications, especially for those in upper management positions.

We can fake enthusiasm, motivation or grit during an interview but does our personal journey and resume align with it, does it back up who we want to portray as the ideal candidate?

We believe a martial arts journey speaks volumes about someone. Did you push through when things got tough? Did you make it a lifelong journey? Are you committed to keep growing your life skills? A recruiter will know how to appreciate these skills and your martial arts journey can testify of that grit you’re likely putting forward as one of your key assets.

Recently, Kadua Guro Alan C.L. Chan, a life long martial artist himself, left us a great review and wrote “I use it everyday”.
I’m sure he did not mean that mugging people is a daily hobby of his (Alan??!) but rather that the focus, resilience, clarity, perseverance and ability to deal with stressful situations learnt through martial arts training is something that is to be applied daily.

We have a few students in our community, like Sensei Kaoru Suzuki, now Kasama in our system, who are already high level instructors in other styles and take on Kali Majapahit as humble beginners willing to learning something new, all over again. We salute them and believe it says a lot about them.

So if you didn’t include your martial arts pedigree in your professional profile yet, it might be time!

See you on the mats!

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